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Put your best foot forward with a custom wardrobe that fits your lifestyle, body shape, personal style and individual needs. Whether it be a total style overall, a special occasion, interview, general style guidance or coaching confidence let our trained and qualified stylists and confidence coaches simplify your life by assisting you to be the best possible you. Being chic is not something only reserved for the very rich or the very thin. The key to dressing well and developing a personal style is surprisingly simple. Find out what suits you and your lifestyle, how to pull it all together, and where to buy it.

  • Personal shopping – At Charm and Allure our qualified team of stylists aim to make that dreaded chore into a joyous, pain free experience.
  • Colour Analysis – We will work together and help you find the best colours to enhance your natural skin tone and leave you looking more radiant, younger and beautiful.
  • Wardrobe styling – We offer a full, comprehensive wardrobe restyling service. We personally go through your wardrobe, guide you, organise, declutter and streamline your wardrobe to meet your individual needs.

What Our Clients Say about Us

Everyone’s reaction about my new look was amazing, I LOOK GOOD!! I have been able to uncover what was already there. Just by making me realize its okay to be me and work with my body.

Louise Tailor, Sales Assistant
After working with Hanna, I’m smiling from ear to ear. I’ve gained the confidence I lost years ago, it was hard to get use to but I no longer hide away from a full length mirror and I love the person staring back at me. Thank you Hanna x
Tracey Grey, Full-time Mum
I live in a suit and know nothing about fashion, I used to feel so uncomfortable wearing casual clothing. When meeting with the stylist I felt nervous and a little embarrassed. I was really impressed with her approach and advice, I felt at ease with her instantly.
Mark Hunt, City Banker
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