Areas of Expertise

At Charm and Allure we believe everyone has the right to look their very best and we believe we have the experience to help you do just that! We have an array of services that will compliment your every styling requirement from grooming and make-up, to wardrobe consultations and personal/concierge shopping trips. We are equipped to help you to understand what epitomizes style and moreover we can style you with work, an event, high fashion or your personal style in mind – with any budget.

Whether your quest is for the perfect pair of jeans or to get yourself a whole new wardrobe, we’re here to help. Browse through our list of services below and if there is anything you need elaborating, dont hesitate to give us a call or drop us an email.

Services For Her

Contrary to popular belief shopping can often feel like a chore that fills one with dread and misery. At Charm and Allure our qualified team of stylist aim to making that dreaded chore in to a joyous, pain free experience. With our knowledge of both high street and designer stores we aim to save you both time and money. Our goal is to provide with a shopping experience that will leave you glowing. Our main aim is the to:

  • Save Time and money.
  • Educate you on your body shape and assets.
  • Recreate your style

At the end of the day, we will make sure you know what to wear to suit your lifestyle and also personality, within your set budget.

We all think that black makes you look slimmer and it’s the safest option, (which is the truth in most cases) However it can dull your appearance and also have a negative impact on your personality. We will work together and help you find the best colour that enhance your natural skin tone and leaves you looking more radiant, younger and beautiful. At the end of this section we guarantee that you will be able to match the best colours and accessories to enhance your natural beauty confidently.
we have all fallen victim to bad fashion choices, blindly following fashion trends and other peoples style. Our choices don’t always take into account our individual personalities, colouring and body shape. We at Charm and Allure offer a full, comprehensive wardrobe restyling service. We personally go through your wardrobe, guide you, organize, de clutter and streamline you’re wardrobe to meet your individual needs.
The arrival of a new baby signals the beginning of a new exciting and challenging chapter in one’s life. This should be a time when you should be enjoying your new role as a proud mother tending to the demanding role of caretaker to your bundle of joy. However as many new moms have discovered the addition of unwanted pounds and a new unfamiliar body shape can leave you feeling depressed, overwhelmed and unattractive. At infinity styling we understand the clothing and styling needs of mums. We can assist you in entering motherhood with style and confidence. We add the yummy in yummy mommy.
Amongst a sea of countless wedding dresses is your dress, especially suited for you in every way imaginable. Let us help you find that special dress. We at Charm and Allure can make the daunting task of dress shopping simple, less stressful and pleasurable. We happy to book appoints on your behalf, advise you on fluttering silhouettes and fabrics, assist with tailoring and fittings. We not only assist the bride to be, we can also assist key members of your wedding party to shine.
Because we understand that you lead a busy, demanding life and at times, time may seem to be a rare commodity, we at Charm and Allure strive to offer you service that is quick, accessible and convenient. Expert styling advice is at your disposal, a mere click away regardless of where you are. No matter the location, we can pay you a virtual visit in the comfort of your home, on your terms. How it works:-

  • Email your request to one of our stylists.
  • Or use the Contact Us page to communicate your request.
  • Tell us the occasion?
  • Personal shopper online, wardrobe styling
  • Date, time & focus area agreed
  • Virtual stylist session via skype

Caught in a fashion bind? Charm and Allure to the rescue.

We cater to all fashion emergencies. This includes ( but not limited to) last minute outfits for an interview , unexpected special occasion, red hot date or general style advise , we can remedy the situation. Just call us the style doctors.

  • Email one of our stylists with your emergency.
  • Or use the Contact Us page to communicate your request.
  • Try to include as much detail as possible e.g. location, urgency, etc.
  • A stylist will visit you virtually via skype or FaceTime within 24hrs of your first email.
  • Problem Solved! Now you can on being fabulous…

Confidantes and Self-esteem – At Charm and Allure we truly believe that real, long lasting change starts from the inside. This transformation goes beyond outward appearance and material possessions.
As trained life coaches we are able to offer you the tools and skills to bring about positive change in all aspects of your life. Happiness, fulfillment and acceptance of yourself are well within your reach. Take that leap into your new life with a new wardrobe and a new outlook on life. The Results: A clear professional and personal vision. The confidence and dedication to make powerful changes to their life, so they enjoy vitality, success and a deeper sense of happiness and contentment.

  • an added bonus to our personal shopping services, you may request free 30min coaching sessions.
  • The best accessory is a healthy, beaming self-esteem.